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Iceland photography 2010


The Power of Nature - Eyjafjallajökull - Iceland

The Power of Nature – Eyiafjallajokull – Iceland

I was sitting at home in early April 2010 wondering what photographic project to undertake next, as I flicked through the internet viewing the news; I stumbling across an image of the erupting volcano, Eyiafjallajokull in Iceland. That’s it I thought and within a few days I had booked the next flight to Reykjavik. Lucky for me the winds turned north for a few days which allowed for a short flight to Reykjavík, funny enough within two days of being there the winds turned southwards and I was grounded but what a place to be grounded.

Having reached the ash area around Vik, I realised just how powerful nature can be, the little B&B that I stayed in was around two miles away from the erupting volcano, every night all I could hear was the constant deep roar, as the ash and rocks spewed out over the land and once under the ash trail it was as dark as night.

It did occur to me that I may actually be losing my marbles! The land was blanketed with a heavy covering of ash, sheep and Icelandic horses looked hopelessly lost and the humans were masked and slowly evacuated. Every moving vehicle left an ash / dust trail that stretched for miles.

Over the next sixteen days I set about finding some wonderful compositions and unusual photographic images, within these dark days there was also a rather strange magic about the whole place, (ash filled skies and an ash dusting on the landscape) obviously not for the locals and animals but for a landscape photographer. Even I had to retreat as the ash entered my eyes, ears, mouth and most worryingly of all my camera lenses!

Such a barren, wild, and humbling landscape with so few people, and those who I meet were so warm and friendly, a magical place you just have to visit.

Shades of Grey - Icelandic Horses - Iceland

Shades of Grey – Icelandic horses



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