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The Lake District photography trip February 2014

I have been looking forward to a short photography holiday in the Lake District for some time now. We set off in early February in anticipation of wild skies, snow capped mountains and frozen lakes, well, we can all dream.

When my partner and I arrived on the outskirts of the Lakes the heavens opened and to be honest did not stop for most of the next five days, so often this is the case in the winter months. We had booked a beautiful small stone cottage on the edge of Grassmere village, nestled in the foothills. Over the next few days I spent many hours waiting for the heavens to ease and for the sun to shed some light.

Photography is a very personal business, I never shot on clear sunny days, I find the images to matter of fact and always look for moods, cloud, mist, ice and / or bursts of sunshine.

Little Langdale - The Lake District - Cumbria

                         Little Langdale – The Lake District – Cumbria

Even thou it rained for days, I still managed to do some photography, as well as walking and to be honest the Lake District is so beautiful I really did not mind.  Still have images in my mind of the winter wonderland, may be next time!

Winter Days - Little Langdale - The Lake District - Cumbria

 Winter Days – Great Langdale – The Lake District – Cumbria

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